Donations are accepted by anyone who wants to support us and keep the clan alive. Donations are very much appreciated, but that does not mean that you are favored or that it helps you to join us. For this we have special VIP offers. These include special levels and benefits. We reserve the right to reject donations if you do not follow our rules and become conspicuous. #j4f| is a volunteer based community and each donation is used to pay servers and forums cost. Donations are non refundable under any circumstances since you are donating on your own free will.



Why to donate?

Nothing is free. We pay for the forum, the redirect and the gameservers. That costs us approximate €150 / month at the moment (state: 03/2018). We would like to add more games and improve our existing gameservers even more. And that is not possible without the help of the community, without your help.


How can i donate?

You can donate us via PayPal. For this you need a paypal account, a bank account or a credit card that you connect with it. If you do not have a credit card, you can take a Paysafecard. This works like an ordinary credit card and costs very little fee a year.


Which options are there?

We have two options for you. One is to donate once any amount to the clan. In the other you get in return a VIP Membership.



  Donate a variable amount



Donate for a VIP Membership



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