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Say hello to #j4f| Multigaming Community
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:48:02 pm »
Welcome to our new, updated forum!

We are now a multigaming community with some new games, updates on levels, updated rules, changes to join, and more.

The games we have added are: Team Fortress 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Minecraft. For now, some will be added soon.
We also added Teamspeak and Discord, and a few new ET servers have been added. Tip: check our Vietcong server, that's awesome!

We also use a WIKI system that allows us to easily show our rules, regulations and more. In our wiki you will learn everything you want
to know. This is sponsored by

We also added a download system to the forum. There you can download many game relevant files. It is not finished yet but we are working
on it.

We have changed and improved the VIP memberships. Also, the variable donation system has now been revised.

You have to find the other changes yourself :D.

A big thank you goes to Kapten_Cookie who helped us a lot in the forum and the servers. He will make some changes more and continue to support us.
Kapten has optimized the games.cfg's and changed some things that make our servers even better.

If you find mistakes or if something should not fit, please write us a PM!

Good Luck :D

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